A South Dakota State University student is in jail tonight accused of assaulting a female student in a dorm.

The woman told University Police it happened Sunday.

This means on the second week of the school year, students have already received alarming news from administrators: a notification about a sexual assault that happened over the weekend on campus.

"When you're a freshman, your first weekend here you have to go through this orientation type thing and you have to go to a seminar about sexual assault, so I guess I didn't expect it to happen so soon,” says freshman Mariah Macklen.

"It's kind of disappointing to be honest,” adds sophomore Jacob Erikson.

Details about the assault are limited, but according to the university it happened in the coed dorm Pierson Residence Hall.

“It was in the same residence hall that I was living in so I was surprised,” says freshman Alicia Hansen.

Hansen says the alert is a wake-up call.

“It kind of put it in the mindset that I do need to protect myself too.”

Investigators say the female victim knows the male suspect.

"That's going to be universal on campus about the nature and type of sexual assault,” says Assistant Vice President for Safety and Security, Don Challis.

The suspect has been arrested, but his identity hasn't been released.

This is the first sexual assault case of this year.

Last year the university saw around 6, the year before that, 4.

"I'm not sure that reflects on the occurrences, I think it shows that we demonstrate that we are doing all we can to encourage reporting,” says Challis.

Now-a-days you'll see emergency phones on campus, and an app that lets you text the police department with a push of a button.

"We want people to make the same precautions that we want people to do at home,” says Challis. “Lock their doors, report things that are suspicious, check things out, be a little bit skeptical of people.”

While students say the incident did come as a bit of surprise, they also say they feel safe on campus and in the dorm room they're staying in.

University Police encourage anyone who believes they have been the victim of a crime to call them at 688-5117.