Several intersections in Sioux Falls have been flooded with the recent heavy rains. The intersections are primarily on the southern end of Sioux Falls.

City crews are monitoring intersections that frequently flood and are posting barricades around the flooded areas.

The National Weather Service is reporting 6 inches of rain in the south part of town. Up to two more inches of rain can be expected into the evening.

City of Sioux Falls officials are encouraging motorists to stay off the roadways until the roads are clear. Do not drive into flooded intersections. Even a small amount of moving water can carry a vehicle off the road.

Flooded Intersections:
• Western Ave from 26th to 49th Streets
• North 4th Street and Amidon Avenue
• Brookings Street and Menlo Avenue
• Grange Avenue from 33rd to 37th Streets
• Potsdam Avenue, Hainje Avenue, and 52nd St/North Lewis Avenue in the northeast
• Terry Avenue south of 41st Street
• Westport Avenue from 43rd to 49th Street
• W 49th Street from Louise and Westport Avenues
• 26th Street and Euclid Avenue
• 85th Street and Grange Avenue
• 53rd Street and Tribbe Trail

The bike trail is flooded and has been barricaded at Spencer Park and Nelson Park.

Stop lights are out at 57th Street and Solberg Avenue. Treat all inoperable traffic lights as four-way stops.

A power outage also has been reported at 59th and Louise.

To report a missing manhole cover, call the Public Works Street Maintenance Division at 367-8255.

Courtesy: Sioux Falls Police Department