Four Sioux Falls Fire Rescue cadets dove into what they could see on any given day:

Thursday’s scenario was a two vehicle crash with one car on fire and a mock passenger trapped in the other.

Battalion Chief Michael Clauson said that while it's not a real car wreck, it can help save lives in the future.

"If we can recreate these situations so they can prepare mentally and physically, they know they just fall back on their basic skill sets and their basic toolbox of what to use, then they're better prepared when they roll out and they have these incidents,” said Clauson.

One cadet, Al Vandonkersgoed, was previously a teacher at Sioux Falls Christian.

From a textbook to a firehose, Vandonkersgoed said this education gets him and his team prepared heading into the real deal.

"You're going to be able to use your skills and those tools much quicker for the public, who's at risk,” said Vandonkersgoed.

Fellow cadet, Matt Hill, has a family lineage in the profession.

But even as a third generation firefighter, he said he doesn't see his history as an advantage.

"It's not like you can just practice this stuff at home,” said Hill.

Seeing wrecked cars and blazing fires in a safe environment, Hill said, helps him and other cadets get cool and composed when it happens on a busy street.

"It's just really a comfort level of being around sideways vehicles or the fires and just so you can be comfortable and start thinking and reaching into that toolbox and pull out different things to get the job done,” said Hill.

Joining fire rescue for today's training was the Sanford Health Air-Med team and their medical helicopter.

The four cadets are more than halfway through their training.

They'll be assigned to their stations on October 1st.