Starting on September 6th in Sioux Falls, streets will be clamoring with students, parents and staff.

The start of the new school year is on the Sioux Falls Police Departments radar.

Five additional patrol officers will be added to school zones from September 6th through September 23rd.

Sergeant Randy Brink with the Traffic Department said they will continue to make patrolling school zones a part of their routine after the project ends.

Law enforcement is looking for issues such as speeding in school zones and drivers not yielding to pedestrians on crosswalks.

It's not only drivers they want to be cautious, however, as they’re asking anyone crossing the streets to keep an eye on their surroundings.

Sgt. Brink said they want to make residents aware so they can prepare for the new busy norm.

"We went through the whole summer where you're driving through school zones and there are no students, there are no pedestrians but now we're back so that's the part we are trying to get everybody used to again,” said Sgt. Brink.

In projects past, Sioux Falls Police have taken the educational approach with drivers.

This time around, Sgt. Brink said their leaving the education part to the schools.

"We're definitely going to be leaning more towards the citation route,” Sgt. Brink said.

Tea and Harrisburg schools are already in their new school years.

Sgt. Brink said citations have already been issued in those school zones this year.