TEA, S.D. -

The Tea Area School District is setting up their students for success at a young age through a new project.

"Project Lead The Way" is a stem program that teaches students of all ages math and science curriculums. Starting in Kindergarten, Tea students begin to learn different subjects such as physics, math and other engineering techniques. Tea is the only district in the state to use this program.

Jill Thompson a third grade teacher at Legacy Elementary says her students have shown no hesitation in taking up the challenge.

"It's hands on, it's interactive, it's using technology, and they get very excited when they know it's a 'Project Lead The Way' day,” Thompson says.

The goal for "Project Lead The Way" is to keep students interested in math and science.  Students complete several projects such as problem solving, building structures and balancing objects. The district says these skills will help students in the long run when deciding on career paths.

 “When children are deciding that they don't like science and math by second grade, then all of the positions and jobs that they can have in the future that have any bit of science and math in it those doors become closed for them,” says Tonia Warzecha, Legacy Elementary assistant principal.

This is the first year "Project Lead The Way" has been implemented district-wide in Tea. The students will showcase their work through the program Oct. 3 at Legacy Elementary.