The owner of a local tattoo parlor hopes to have a permanent, positive impact in Sioux Falls.

Everyday his shop changes people's appearances with new ink, now he's planning to help change an entire neighborhood.

"I just felt that if I helped clean up the neighborhood, people would feel better about themselves,” says Outlaw Tattoos and Piercings owner Jody Little.

It started as a simple idea.

Now, the former tattoo artist for 28 years, is gathering volunteers and knocking on doors in the neighborhood near his shop.

They're handing out fliers this week telling residents about an upcoming cleanup from 5th to 10th Avenues near E. Benson Street.

Six dumpsters will be placed in the neighborhood so folks can pick up litter and beautify the area.

"It's a good cause,” says volunteer and resident in the area, Angie Hawkey.  “A lot of people don't have time to go to the dump so it's really convenient; I think it's going to help out a lot."

For Little the inspiration behind this effort is frustration with crime that has impacted his business.

"From last year, getting broken into and then I had another attempt a few weeks back and just driving up and down the neighborhood, I noticed a lot of people had a lot of complaints and a lot of mess in the neighborhood.”

"The vandalizing cars, breaking into cars,” adds volunteer Pam Stolz.

That’s the reason why she is joining the project, to put a stop to these issues.

"You get a nice looking neighborhood; you're not going to go looking out for trouble.”

The dumpsters arrive Wednesday, and neighbors are already thrilled.

"It's a great thing; I love it,” says Darlene Larson. “There are a lot of places here that need to be cleaned up.”

Little says who better to do it than those who live, and work in the area.

"The people have supported me and my tattoo shop so it's time to give back a little bit."

The dumpsters will be in the neighborhood from Wednesday to Monday, Sept. 19.

There are some items that can't go in them, like paint, oil, electronics or household appliances.

But on Sunday, there's a separate pick up for appliances and scrap metal.