It's not Sunday morning service, but Asbury United Methodist Church is full.

Full with those who knew, and loved, Destiny Karpinen.

The 14-year-old and her 64-year-old grandfather, Allen Bucholz, lost their lives in a plane crash Friday.

"She was one of the nicest people in our grade, she was always there for everyone else, if someone was down she would keep everyone else up,” says classmate Lexi Lekander.

"She's very funny, energetic, she really knows how to make you smile,” adds a member of Asbury UMC Sarilyn Tisland.

The church held a special youth 'time of prayer and remembrance', giving the community a chance to grieve together.

"To allow them to share and be with friends, in a time of tragedy the best thing we can do is come together,” says Director of Youth Ministry Adam Davenport.

The remembering is easy.

"She has so much energy and so much life," says Davenport. "She loves music, she loves singing."

But the loss is not.

"It brings back all these memories that I've had with her and it's hard,” says a member of the church, Carolyne Bordick.

"Not seeing her during the school year is going to be really tough,” adds Lekander.

Destiny's words ended the night in a video she made after church camp where she talked about tubing, and how much fun it was.

The video, like she did every day, lit up the room and made everyone smile.

In another video the church shared, Destiny said "I’d like to think there's a purpose for everything, when I have rough patches in my life, I like to think to myself- just because it's rough now, doesn't mean it always will be."

Words her friends can find comfort in during this hard time.

The Turner County Sheriff's Office says Destiny and her grandfather took off from the Tea Airport Friday morning.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA.