Two people have been arrested after calling police to report they were robbed early Saturday morning.

After investigating at 901 South Sunburst Place in Sioux Falls, police found marijuana, scales, baggies and a small amount of cocaine.

Alissa and Hunter Van Diepen were arrested on drug charges including possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Police say four people kicked in their door, threatening the Van Diepens and another man at gun point. The suspects stole a wallet that had cash in it and left.

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says a larger number of robberies involve drugs.

“Sometimes we are getting the truth from people sometimes we're not but a lot of the times we're finding evidence that there's drugs being either used or possibly being sold,” Clemens says.

The four people suspected of robbing the Van Diepens are described as black males, around 18-years-old. The man with the Van Diepens at the time of the robbery is not facing charges.