Two tattoo shops in different parts of Sioux Falls are dealing with similar criminal activity.

One shop's glass door was shattered.

The other had someone attempt to break-in.

So the community is showing their support through social media.

"They're the best of all, they're the ones sharing everything, putting this out there,” says Outlaw Tattoos and Piercing Owner Jody Little.

Two separate Facebook posts are getting a lot of attention.

"We had over 700 shares, 70,000 people like the post and commented on it, hundreds of comments,” says Vishnu Bunny Tattoo and Piercing general manager Brian Gochal.

Both posts are asking for the public’s help.

On Wednesday morning, Outlaw Tattoos and Piercing captured video of a male trying to break into the building with a hammer.

"I upgraded my glass to bullet proof glass and put a cage on the windows, so there's really no way you can get in here, but it shows him striking the door and everything else,” says Little.

The owner says this isn't the first time someone's tried to break in.

"Last year, in a month period, I got broken into 4 times and they destroyed us and cost $9,000 to $15,000 worth of damages,” explains Little, which is why he's seeing if the public knows any information about the incident.

A request that Vishnu Bunny Tattoo and Piercing is also asking after their glass door was damaged early Saturday morning.

"We came down and the front door had been smashed at the bottom,” says Gochal. “It was painfully obvious someone had put a foot through it. Some drunken sailor put a foot through it."

Gochal doesn't believe the two incidents are related.

"From what I understand, they were trying to break into that shop, they weren't trying to break in here.”

But the headaches are similar.

"I was down here trying to fashion a door at 5 in the morning,” says Gochal. “We had to bring in someone to put together a fake door.”

"This needs to stop,” adds Little. “Otherwise other kids can see this and think if he can get away with it, we can get away with it too.”

Vishnu Bunny Tattoo and Piercing is looking into getting security cameras installed to avoid future vandalism.

Outlaw Tattoos and Piercing already has cameras, as well as an alarm system and bars over the windows.

Sioux Falls Police are asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at (605)-367-7007.