Another racially insensitive Snapchat photo lands three college students in hot water. This time, at the University of North Dakota.

UND says it's still looking into the matter and punishment hasn't been handed down yet.

But this is the third case in a week where nationwide officials say students have been caught posting racist photos on social media.

University of North Dakota’s President released a statement Wednesday morning reading:

"An abhorrent message about another individual was posted on social media... I want to make clear that whatever the intent, the message included in the photo is not consistent with UND's."

The photo is of three UND students posing in a dorm room with a caption that reads "locked the black [expletive] out," referring to an African-American student.

Earlier this week a student in Nashville, Tennessee was expelled from Belmont University after officials say he posted a Snapchat photo using the n-word.

Last week, a Kansas state student was kicked out of school for a Snap of her wearing a black facemask with a caption also using the racial slur.

Mark Blackburn is the director of student Diversity & Inclusion at Augustana University.

He says he works every day to prevent things like this from happening.

“I think there’s a strong avenue or a strong case to try to prevent it. You have to for one, be willing to admit that you have biases. That there is some type of implicit bias that you feel in your heart, and once you understand that, you are willing to open your mind. Open your heart, and love someone. Because that’s the name of the game.”

He says the root of the problem goes beyond the insensitive jokes or comments; it’s about how people perceive one another.

"There’s so much hate out here in the world that we have to combat that by honest and open dialogue and willingness to learn from one another. There’s this disconnect. So this individual needs to understand what this individual is going through. Once that happens, you will find solutions, guaranteed.”

Blackburn says starting a conversation is key to understanding others. He helps to host and coordinate community forums that focus on a series of issues including police and community relations, intercultural racism, and diversity.

Community/Law Enforcement Forum
Location: Multi-Cultural Center
Monday, September 26, 2016 6pm

Being Muslim in Sioux Falls Panel Discussion
Location: Downtown Sioux Falls Library
200 N Dakota Ave, Meeting Room A

Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 6pm