A historic piece of Canton crumbled earlier this week.

On Tuesday, a portion of the 126-year-old building that housed Lincoln County Antiques collapsed.

The damage was so extensive, city officials had no choice but to condemn the building, and tear it down.

"The block in the brick has failed over the years, so we have to tear it down because if we didn’t, it would fall down." said Geoff Fillingsness, Canton Code Enforcement Officer.

Dozens turned out to see the building reduced to rubble.

"It's a sad day for the city. It’s been a part of Canton forever,” said City Manager Amanda Mack.

For some, watching the pieces fall was thrilling.

"I watched the big fall of the Zip Feed way back, and it went bloop,” said Canton resident Richard Bartels. “This is way more entertaining. Way more entertaining, and its lasting way longer!"

For others, it’s a sad day to say goodbye to a piece of history.

"A lot of people who live in Canton have been here a good portion of their lives so they have memories of the building as it currently is, as it used to be. Canton is losing a piece of its history today," said Mack.

City officials say the city took care of the demolition, and it is the property owner's responsibility to clean up the rubble and fill any holes.

There are no plans yet for what the land will be used for next.