It's the time of year to give back.

While most people choose local food pantries or homeless shelters, one Sioux Falls woman has chosen to raise money for a European orphan with cerebral palsy.

Jenny Pohl is cross stitching initials onto a material to make gift tags.

She's selling them for $5 apiece.

All the money is going to 6-year-old Walter.

Through the nation-wide organization Reece's Rainbow Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign, the proceeds will go toward the people who choose to adopt Walter.

Pohl says it's not only important to give back to those in need in our area, but it's also important to help those who live far away.

"I've followed the stories of the children, they're so neglected, there's so many orphanages,” explains Pohl. “They bring the kids home, they're teenagers and they weigh the same as a toddler, they get abused, neglected, starved."

Pohl is hoping to raise $1,000.

So far, she's made and sold 95 gift tags.

This isn’t the only year she’s given back to kids in need; in fact this is the 6th year she’s done this.

In the past years, she’s shaved her head and even gotten a tattoo to raise the money.

Every year, Pohl has reached her $1,000 goal.

To donate, visit Jenny Pohl’s blog.