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Sioux Falls Names Human Rights Community Coordinator

The City of Sioux Falls has a new Human Rights Community Coordinator. Julie Briggs was chosen from 79 candidates. Her job will be to establish relationships with members of various groups, oversee outreach programs and investigate claims of discrimination for the city. The Human Rights Coordinator is part of the City Attorney's Office.     Mayor Mike Huether says this is a crucial position for a growing Sioux Falls."I wanted someone who had the guts, the spit, the vigor who would go out and touch everybody that is of diversity," said Huether.     Briggs passion for helping comes from personal experience. Her 21 year old son Scotty was born with Down Syndrome.

County Within Jurisdiction To Rescind Resolution

The South Dakota Supreme Court has ruled that Fall River County acted within its jurisdiction when it rescinded a resolution and passed a nearly identical one to approve a company's plan to take in and clean oil-contaminated soil near Edgemont.

City of Sioux Falls Names New City Clerk

The City Council announced today that they will be acting upon the recommendation of the Council’s ad hoc hiring committee to appoint Tom Greco as City Clerk at their meeting on December 15, 2015.

Are Jail Expansion And Justice Reform Inseparable?

"No one, not the sheriff's office, the courts, the commission, have been more involved in justice reform in the Midwest, than us," said Sheriff Mike Milstead., who has been a strong proponent for criminal justice reform.

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