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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

It's finally Friday and it's the start of the last weekend of April so how is it going to shape up? Well the last couple of days have been cooler than average and that's going to hold true through the weekend as well; while we're expected to remain quiet on Saturday, a low pressure system will develop and ride north across eastern portions of the forecast area. Rain will start to fall on Sunday but that's going to change over into a wintry mix then fall as snow during the morning hours on Monday.

Today, a high pressure system is going to continue to sit over northern parts of the Sioux Empire while clouds and even rain will fall across southern parts. Northern counties in Nebraska and southern South Dakota counties will see the chance for rain throughout the day. It's expected to be light, especially the farther north you live. This moisture is associated with a different low that is expected to move through Sunday into Monday. That low will start off in parts of the Southern Plains and move northwards as it occluded, or when the cold front catches up to the warm front.

That is expected to take place sometime Sunday night into Monday. Rain is going to initially fall and could be heavy at times across the southeast with the possibility of a half an inch or more of rain falling across southeastern parts of the forecast area throughout the day. That is going to then turn over to a wintry mix and then turn over to snow as we go into the morning hours on Monday across eastern parts of the viewing area, mainly along and east of i29. A couple inches of snow is possible and some of our longer range models and trying to paint a couple of inches while the North American Model is painting nearly half a foot of snow. There's still some uncertainty on not only the track but also the snow amounts so keep it here with KDLT and KDLT Weather on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

Temperatures today are going to range from the 50s to the upper 30s across southern portions of the forecast area due to cloud cover and rain. Winds are going to be light and out of the northeast.

Once system number two moves on out, our temperatures are going to quickly rebound back to where they should be for this time of year. 60s and 70s return by Tuesday and stick with us through the middle/end of next week.


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