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Joe Farrell, KDLT Weekend Meteorologist

Good Sunday evening everyone. Memorial Day Weekend is still going strong and still going hot! A lot of us across the Sioux Empire are breaking record high temperatures today and a lot of those records were set all the way back in the early 1900s so we are experiencing some extreme weather today!

Tonight we are going to see the possibility for severe weather mainly locations west of the Missouri River as thunderstorms are developing in the south, and those will race north. Chamberlain down to Winner and locations west could see damaging hail with the early convective development, but these storms will become more a line of thunderstorms that will race north along the Missouri River so we will keep a close eye!

Tomorrow for Memorial Day the East will still experience the heat with temperatures reaching the 90's and yet again we have a chance to see severe weather. Tomorrow, shift that risk a little further to the East as a lot of the Sioux Empire will be in a slight, and marginal risk. Hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes are all possible with these thunderstorms tomorrow.

Tuesday once again we will see thunderstorms and possibility for severe weather, shift the risk even further East to along I-29 and locations East. Hail and damaging winds will be possible with these and they are looking to develop in the early afternoon hours along I-29 and south of I-90. Highs will be in the mid 80's.

The Sioux Empire will be done with storms for the remainder of the work week with temperatures staying in the mid to upper 80's and seeing a lot more sunshine. Saturday brings back the chance for storms with Sunday being just cloudy across the area.

Hopefully everyone stays safe with this continuing record heat, stay tuned for more details on the severe weather.

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