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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

We are coming off of an absolutely beautiful weekend where we saw plenty of sunshine and warmer than average temperatures... I'm going to need a minute to mourn the loss of the weekend because as we go through this week, nearing the end of April, some of us could see several nights of rain and snow. Not to mention, day time high temperatures 10 to 15, almost 20, degrees below normal. What a way to kick off severe weather awareness week right?

A low pressure system is quickly moving through northern parts of the KDLT viewing area bringing snow to parts of North Dakota, prompting winter weather advisories while we are dealing with the warmer temperatures of the low and rain. There isn't a lot of moisture with this system but it will bring the chance for some light rain across the Missouri River northeast to the Sisseton/Milbank/Ortonville area while those in the southeast could see an isolated thunderstorm or two (but the chance isn't that great). Temperatures, today, will be above normal but they are going to be begin to cool down as winds gradually turn from the south from the northwest as the low moves on through. Winds are going to be especially breezy across the Missouri River as well as in the southeast where we could see some gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour.

As we said earlier, it is severe weather awareness week across South Dakota and today we are making sure that you know the difference between a watch and a warning. Remember, a watch means that conditions are favorable for severe weather while a warning means that the severe weather, a tornado, severe thunderstorm, blizzard, etc. has been spotted by a trained weather spotter or law enforcement. A warning is not the time to be preparing to take action, the time to prepare is during the watch period. We will be continuing to talk about topics like tornadoes, lightning, floods and severe storms throughout the week so make sure you are watching KDLT News as well as following/liking KDLT Weather on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest information.

Today, temperatures are going to climb into the 50s and 60s, possibly some low 70s though it'll be hard due to cloud cover, with breezy winds gradually turning from the south out of the northwest as the cold front slides southeast.

Once this low moves through, high pressure will be just off to our north while another low moves just south meaning cold air is going to move back into the viewing area. Temperatures are going to be their coldest through Wednesday then we are slowly going to climb back into the low 50s with the chance for rain today, Tuesday, Wednesday and again on Friday and Saturday. Overnight lows are going to be very close to freezing at times, if not below, so you may want to bring in or cover plants to protect them from frost.

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