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Brandon Spinner, KDLT Chief Meteorologist

The gloomy weather has spilled over from this past weekend. Rain and cloud cover has continued to push through the area as some spots have picked up several inches over the last two to three days. That rain continues to move in from the south bringing some stead rainfall and more of that is on the way as we move into the overnight tonight. As of 5pm, Sioux Falls has seen 0.57” of rainfall since midnight and could see another 0.25-0.50” by Tuesday morning.

Cloud cover and rainfall will continue through overnight tonight and that will make things quite gloomy. Temperatures expected to fall into the 30s off to the west but to the east we will be into the low to mid 40s. Clouds will stay thick to the east of the Missouri River and that is where the warmest temperatures will be. Fog is likely to form as well for place in northeast South Dakota as we move through the morning on Tuesday. Rain showers will finally push out as we move into the morning hours on Tuesday.

From there on out we should see some smooth sailing. Skies will stay cloudy through the middle of the day. Clouds will clear into central South Dakota earlier in the day while farther east we will have to wait until the late afternoon and evening. Clearing skies will continue into the middle of the week and with that we will see more warmth! 60s and 70s will return on Wednesday and Thursday with more normal temperatures as we head into the weekend!

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