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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

We are on the back side of a low pressure system that is still bringing snow to parts of the KDLT viewing area as well as blizzard-like conditions to portions of the southeast where there is a blizzard warning until noon on Friday. The snow is expected to wrap up by the noon hour and we have already seen half a foot of snow in some spots and parts of the southeast could still pick up more snow by the time this low finally moves on out.

Do expect blizzard-like conditions across the southeast through the rest of the day, especially through noon since that's how long the blizzard warning lasts. We also have a winter storm warning through the morning hours across the west. Do expect winds to remain breezy, with gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour, throughout the day, especially across the southeast, and expect blowing snow to be an issue. Not to mention, there will be snow drifts along roadways which will cause driving conditions to be poor.

Going into the weekend, those across the southeast will be a little cooler but we will be quiet. Going into the start of next week, we'll see temperatures climb into the mid to upper 30s with the chance for mixed precipitation starting on Monday night through Tuesday night. We'll keep the "warmer temperatures" through the middle of next week. Today, across the southeast, we'll see temperatures only climb into the twenties because of the northerly winds and fresh snow. Warmer temperatures will be found the farther north you live.


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