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Brandon Spinner, KDLT Chief Meteorologist

Thanks a lot Mother Nature… Of course, the day after a Solar Eclipse we had crystal clear skies. That was the case out there today, which has been stellar! Nothing but sunshine out there across our entire area as high pressure has held strong over our area. We stayed relatively cool out there as our high temps stayed 4 to 8 degrees below normal across our area and that cold air will continue into the overnight tonight!

High pressure will keep us clear overnight tonight and that means we are in for a cold night. Calm wind and clear skies, combined with low humidity, will lead to an unseasonably cool night. Should be a good night to open the windows, as we will fall into the upper 40s and low 50s! The coldest temperatures will be to the east along the I-29 corridor. Farther north in the Aberdeen area is where we will see the low to mid 70s. Those temps are around 10 degrees below normal.

After a cool morning on Wednesday, things are expected to warm back up relatively quickly. Temperatures will be into the mid to upper 70s off to the east, but those of us in central South Dakota will be even warmer as we climb into the mid to upper 80s as some spots might even hit the 90-degree mark. We’’ see more of that sunshine throughout the day, but as we move into the evening we will see some more clouds roll in. By the overnight, those clouds will bring us a chance at some showers and storms, mainly to the east of I-29. We shouldn’t see much rain linger around for Thursday, but as we get closer to the weekend there will much greater chances for storms. Friday afternoon through Sunday morning all bring us a chance at seeing some heavier rain and storms, so make sure you get your yardwork done before the weekend!

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