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Brian Kirk, KDLT Meteorologist

Wednesday brought some pretty insane temperatures to the region – some spots topped out in the 50s and 60s!  Around the 43°N latitude line, that is not very common in January.  It’s going to stay mile but temps will get bumped down each consecutive day by a degree or two as we head into next week.

Today the clouds start to push in from Iowa and will continue to spread in area throughout the day.  If you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the sunshine this week, you may have to wait because the clouds will stay locked in through most of the weekend.  While there may be a few raindrops across southeastern South Dakota, a better chance of rain showers will linger Friday and Saturday.

Sunday and Monday look dry at this point with high temps in the mid to high-30s.  Forecasters in the Midwest are starting to pick up on some suggestive data for next week.  That data is telling us that a storm could push through the region Tuesday and Wednesday and bring with it an increasing chance of snowfall.  We will be watching that system very carefully through the weekend.

Have a great Thursday and watch out for the puddles!

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