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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

We are continuing to watch as showers and thunderstorms move into the KDLT forecast area. While the showers and thunderstorm activity began as we kicked off the weekend, we're going to continue to watch the threat for rain throughout the rest of the weekend into the start of next week. The area that could see the most rain has shifted a little west, which is actually good as that's where we still find the driest conditions. Then, once this rain moves on out, we'll be left with quiet skies to dry out to but some cooler air is in the forecast.

A low pressure system and it's warm front have stalled out across eastern portions of the forecast area which is why there was such a difference in temperatures this afternoon; the unstable airmass was still found across the southeast while cooler air moved into the northwest due to the cloud cover as well as rain cooled air. More importantly though, we were cooler across the north because of northerly winds. The stalled out front will slowly push off towards the east as we go into the start of next week, taking the low pressure and moisture with it too.

Places across the Missouri River could up between 2 to 3 inches of rain before we go into the start of next week. While lower than amounts that we were anticipating going into the weekend, all that rain will be good for the area drought which still has more than half of South Dakota underneath some form of dry conditions. The rain looks to taper off across that area as we go into Sunday night but we could still see some shower activity across the southeast going into Monday and even into Monday night.

As we go into the middle of next week, temperatures will rebound just a little bit underneath quiet skies. However, as we go into the start of next weekend, a high pressure system is forecasted to move south and bring with it some cooler air! Overnight lows for Thursday and Friday across the north could cool into the mid to upper 30s!

Lows tonight are going to greatly depend on where you live; we're going to see cooler air off towards the northwest while we'll see warmer air, and more quiet skies, towards the southeast. Sunday calls for rain once again underneath mostly cloudy skies. Once again, where you live is going to greatly depend on what kind of temperatures you'll see as the warmest air is going to be located off towards the southeast.

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