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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

It was a cold start to your week and we'll continue to sit underneath cold air for Tuesday but southerly winds are right around the corner and so is our forty degree weather! Who's ready for this nice warm up? The Sioux Empire is going to be in store for a warm up but we are also going to see a cool down... but could that cool down be accompanied by snow? That's the question that we here at the KDLT Weather Center can't answer quite yet.

A high pressure system was the reason that we were cold on Monday and, even though it's exiting, it will be the reason why the forecast area will be cold today. Winds aren't going to be as strong as they were however, we'll still be underneath a wind chill warning or advisory until noon on Tuesday. Be sure to continue to dress warmly as wind chill values are going to be between 10 and 30 degrees below zero throughout the day... especially in the morning. Limit your time outdoors as well as your pets time outdoors as well because if it's cold to us... it's cold to them as well.

Once this high pressure system moves on out, winds will turn out of the south and quickly warm us up out of the single digits into the twenties and thirties starting Wednesday. Winds are going to continue to be out of the south which means that we'll continue to warm into the mid forties by the time we go into Thursday as well. Warm and moist air is going to continue to sit overhead as we go into the start of the weekend which could lead to the possibility of snow on Sunday. While the cool down into the weekend is looking more definite versus the chance for snow.

Highs today are going to be in the single digits to the low teens with plenty of sunshine with light winds steadily turning out of the south.

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