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Blaise Keller, KDLT Morning Meteorologist

Did you enjoy the warmth yesterday? Hard to believe, with those temperatures yesterday and the temperatures that we're expecting for today and Friday, that we're halfway through January. Don't worry, though, winter will return by the time we go into the end of the weekend. Myself, Joe and Alex have been carefully watching incoming model data trying to stay ahead of our next low pressure system which looks to develop in Colorado, move northeast and, as it does, it'll bring down the cold but could also bring significant snow to the Sioux Empire.

The reason why our temperatures are going to be unseasonably warm today is thanks to southerly winds; they have been working hard over the last 12 to 24 hours, bringing warmth as well as moisture northwards on the backside of a high pressure system. That high, if you remember, kept us cold at the start of the week. That high has continued to follow a cold front which brought snow to parts of the Gulf Coast Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday; many places down there were shut down due to the snow as well as ice. Back at home, where you'd think we'd be dealing with snow and cold temperatures, we're going to continue to see sunny conditions, warm temperatures, southerly winds and melting!

Thursday's temperatures are once again going to be warm, with 40s and even low 50s found across southwestern portions of the forecast area. Those temperatures are going to be accompanied by light southerly winds along with plenty of sunshine... especially the farther east you live. We'll continue to sit underneath these conditions into Friday, but we'll add a little more cloud cover over the Sioux Empire ahead of a cloudy Saturday. That's when a cold front will pass and get "stuck" on the Lee of the Rockies and develop into a Colorado Low and move northeast throughout Sunday into Monday.
Even though the forecast looks more and more certain that the Sioux Empire could see some snow, some of which will be heavy at times, it's still uncertain. While the time frame between now and Sunday is not as long as it was earlier this week, there's still time for this forecasted low to take a different path which would then change who will see snow and how much. We are continually looking at the latest data so that we can pass on the latest, and most accurate, forecast to you. We thank you for being patience and understanding... especially after the last system moved through and through all the meteorologists a curveball when it came to forecasting. We should have a better idea of the path by the time we go into Friday with snow totals then becoming clearer as well.

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