A Break from the Cold Brings Us Snow

Our next snow system moves in overnight Friday and through the weekend. A look at how much we can expect to see in the KDLT Weather Blog!

November 30th Snow Totals Across Sioux Empire

A low pressure system, turned cut off low, has been impacting the KDLT viewing area since Sunday bringing with it rain at first... which gradually turned over to a rain/snow mix as well as snow. So how much snow fell across the area over the last couple of days, here's a look at the latest snow totals as of November 30th.

Another Round of Rain and Snow For Sioux Empire

Another low pressure system has begun to march its way through the KDLT viewing area and as it does, it's bringing not only rain but also snow and a mix of both. By the time it moves on out... some of us across the Missouri River Valley could be starting off December with a decent amount of snow on the ground.

November 18th Snow Totals

Snow reports are starting to fly in from Friday's snow. Who saw the heaviest snow? Check out the list here!

A Look Ahead At The Thanksgiving Forecast

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, along with those Black Friday deals, and while it's still a couple of days away let's take a quick look at what the current forecast is on Turkey Day.

Blizzard, the Origin and Frequency of the "White-Out"

The word blizzard is common in these parts, and there are even etymologists (those who study where words come from) who tracked the word’s early beginnings.  Many experts examined publications from all over the globe and found the earliest usage of the word was actually in a newspaper in Estherville, Iowa in 1870.  That’s pretty cool, and would make sense; it’s doubtful that it was coined by some…

Record Setting Start to November

We have experienced one of the warmest starts to November all time across South Dakota, but there are some changes including snow on the way!

Super “Duper” Moon to Occur on Monday

Monday November 14 we will see something we haven't seen in nearly seven decades! Details here!

Freezing Temperatures Expected Tonight

The coldest air of the season is moving in tonight and for some that could bring our first freeze!

We Got 99 Problems but 100° Ain’t One

Tuesday Made it four straight years without an air temperature of 100° in Sioux Falls. A look at what has happened between then an now. Plus how realistic is a 100° temperature in September?

Triple Digit Heat Heading Our Way

July has gotten off to a cooler than normal start, but that is all about to change with dangerous heat set to arrive later this week!

Why Does Our Weather Move West to East?

An 8th grade class in Pierre wants to know why our weather moves west to east in the United States, Brandon has the answer.

Early May Heat Wave Expected This Week

It has been more than 200 days since we last hit the 80° in Sioux Falls, but that streak looks to end this week!

Do You Know What Your Siren Means?

Weather Siren Protocols are not uniform across the state of South Dakota... When a siren goes off, do you know what it actually means? Details here.

Severe Weather Awareness Week : Day 2

Many years ago, the public thought that Tornado Alley was only in Texas and Oklahoma.  Now we have better analysis of tornadoes and with the help of better data, we've discovered that Tornado Alley stretches much further north than we previously thought.

Severe Weather Awareness Week : Day 1

When it comes to getting an advisory, a watch, or a warning out to the public, there are words or terms that may become confusing to those receiving the message.  It's critical that life saving messages be understood for what they are, here's a quick look at the difference between watches and warnings.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.