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Snow Totals: January 9th & 10th

Another bout of the winter weather this morning across the area. Some places woke up with some freezing drizzle, but most of us saw some decent snowfall. The heaviest looks to have fallen along and north of Highway 14. These… continue reading ›

2016 Weather: Year in Review

What a year we had in 2016, from the above average warmth, to the snow, and even the total precipitation, 2016 was definitely a year of weather extremes across the Rushmore State. As a state, South Dakota recorded its sixth… continue reading ›

December 16th Snow Totals

  A low pressure system quickly moved into the KDLT viewing area Friday morning bringing with it plenty of snow and breezy conditions. Here are the latest when it comes to snow totals. If you have any that you'd like… continue reading ›

November 30th Snow Totals Across Sioux Empire

A low pressure system, turned cut off low, has been impacting the KDLT viewing area since Sunday bringing with it rain at first... which gradually turned over to a rain/snow mix as well as snow. So how much snow fell across the area over the last couple of days, here's a look at the latest snow totals as of November 30th. continue reading ›

Another Round of Rain and Snow For Sioux Empire

Another low pressure system has begun to march its way through the KDLT viewing area and as it does, it's bringing not only rain but also snow and a mix of both. By the time it moves on out... some of us across the Missouri River Valley could be starting off December with a decent amount of snow on the ground. continue reading ›

Blizzard; the Origin and Frequency of the "White-Out"

The word blizzard is common in these parts, and there are even etymologists (those who study where words come from) who tracked the word’s early beginnings.  Many experts examined publications from all over the globe and found the earliest usage of the word was actually in a newspaper in Estherville, Iowa in 1870.  That’s pretty cool, and would make sense; it’s doubtful that it was coined by some sun soaked, beach-going novelist in Florida. continue reading ›

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