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36 °  F Feels Like: 33°
High: 41° F Humidity: 96%
Low: 36° F Dew Point: 35° F
Wind: ENE 3 Visibility: 3.00 mi
Pressure: 29.46" Sunrise: 7:57 AM
Pressure: Steady Sunset: 4:54 PM
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KDLT Weather Summary

We were in the warm airmass throughout much of the afternoon today however, once the front became occluded, when the cold front catches up to the warm front, we started to cool down from our high in the low 40s.

We'll continue to transition from rain to snow as we head into the overnight hours until we're all seeing snow fall later tonight. Then, once the rain has fully transitioned, we'll remain underneath snow fall throughout the rest of the afternoon on Tuesday. The snow is set to last until early morning hours on Wednesday, maybe a few flakes into the morning commute otherwise we'll be underneath mostly cloudy skies again.

Because, especially in the east, we were underneath the warmer airmass, the snow totals will most likely be between a dusting to an inch in the east. Towards the west, because temperatures were cooler longer, snow accumulations betweens 2-4" can be expected. Now, winds will pick up tomorrow from the north between 15-20MPH and gusting up to 30MPH so blowing snow will be a problem during the day. Please take caution if you have to travel tomorrow.

For the rest of the week, the snow quiets on Wednesday morning and we'll be left with mostly cloudy skies for the rest of the day and into Christmas as well. Another round of snow returns Christmas night into Friday before skies open up... finally! Temperatures will also chill to the upper teens/low 20s by next weekend.

Have a merry Christmas, safe travels and enjoy the holiday!

Blaise Keller
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