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30 °  F Feels Like: 17°
High: 30° F Humidity: 71%
Low: 11° F Dew Point: 22° F
Wind: S 23 Visibility: 10.00 mi
Pressure: 29.98" Sunrise: 7:28 AM
Pressure: Falling Sunset: 4:57 PM
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KDLT Weather Summary

With about 30 hours prior to breaking the record, we will finally bubble over the 32° mark this afternoon.  We have been in the “cellar” for over a week and a half, and now it’s time for a different weather story; warmth and melting snow.  That melting won’t be a problem for us, it will be for folks in New York.  They already have Flood Warnings out for the locations socked in with lake effect snow.  They will see temps in the 60s, and that snow is going to melt and there is a lot of it.

For us, the trend we will stay on is warming - all the way through Sunday.  We are tracking a couple of possibilities for snowfall Monday and Tuesday, nothing big, but we could see some additional snowfall to start the week.  After that our next hurdle will be the cold temps returning, in fact the coldest of the next seven looks to be Thanksgiving, with highs in the upper teens.

Enjoy your weekend!

Brian Kirk

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