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60 °  F Feels Like: 60°
High: 60° F Humidity: 83%
Low: 59° F Dew Point: 55° F
Wind: E 5 Visibility: 10.00 mi
Pressure: 29.98" Sunrise: 7:10 AM
Pressure: Falling Sunset: 7:31 PM
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KDLT Weather Summary

What a great week we have been having!  It is the 2nd warmest day this month with our highs nearly hitting 80° today, making it the warmest day in Sioux Falls since September 4th! The good news? There is more where this came from. The Bad News? We will have to wait an extra day to get it. Tonight the main threat will be fog which will be towards the southeast. Fog will develop after 3 or 4am. Then skies will cloud up. Lows tonight will be into the upper 40s and low to mid 50s.

As we wake up that fog will continue and until the winds start to pick up out of the south at 15 to 20 mph. This will likely be around 10am. Skies will stay mostly cloudy afterwards with temperatures in the mid 70s. As we head into Friday we will slowly clear up and those temperatures will warm into the low 80s, and the forecasted high of 83 degrees would be the warmest day since August 23rd, nearly one month ago! Everybody’s working for the weekend!

Have a great end to your week!
Brandon Spinner
Chief Meteorologist

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