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Cause Of Vollmer Crash May Never Be Known

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Troopers from the South Dakota Highway Patrol have been investigating the cause of a fatal crash that took the lives of 4 family members in late February. Tuesday, after exhausting all their resources, questions about the crash on Interstate 90 still remain.


Four of the five members of the Vollmer family killed after their vehicle veered off of Interstate 90 heading home from a basketball tournament.


After more than a month of investigating, answers are limited. 


“At this point we have not been able to determine why the Vollmer vehicle left the road and crashed,” said Captain Kevin Joffer of the South Dakota Highway Patrol.


Mechanical errors, distracted driving, alcohol and drugs were all eliminated as the cause.


Investigators asked witnesses who were as close as 7 car lengths away from the vehicle if anything seemed peculiar.    


“They saw the Vollmers traveling in the Passing lane. There was no indication of any erratic driving or anything to allude that there is a problem,” said Captain Joffer.


The South Dakota Highway Patrol exhausted all of their resources trying to find an answer. 


“It isn't that investigation is closed. If there's information that comes forward, we'll certainly look at it. But, what I'm saying is that we've looked at everything,” explained Joffer.  


And with one remaining family member of the crash, officials wanted to give Brittany Vollmer some closure.


“There is a lone survivor which is Brittany, who has to basically go on from here and we would have liked to provide some answers for them,” said Joffer.


The Highway Patrol wanted to make sure that no stone went unturned during their investigation. 


“Time was never going to be a factor on how quickly we did this,” said Joffer.


The cause of a crash that almost killed an entire family and shocked a city may never be known.

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