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Interlock Devices Proven Successful In SD

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The state of south dakota began using Ignition Interlock Devices for the 24/7 Sobriety Program last October. After looking at the results, officials can now say the devices are an effective way to test drunk drivers.

Say you get busted for drinking and driving in South Dakota and you're required to go through the 24/7 Sobriety Program. It used to be you would have to come here to take a Preliminary Breath Test or PBT twice a day or have a ankle bracelet that tests alcohol consumption attached to your leg. But now there's a different option, a much more convenient one.

Minnehaha County 24/7 Compliance Deputy Elliot Crayne said, "Some people have conflicting schedules due to work, due to school or are just unable to make it due to other reasons."

It's called the Ignition Interlock Device. Implemented into the 24/7 program last fall, it's basically a PBT test on the go. It uses a GPS to track an offenders location and a camera to detect if someone else is using it. The person is required to test twice a day.

Crayne said, "You have to give a clean sample of breath to allow it to start your vehicle and to allow it to keep running."

So far 119 people have used it in the state. After nearly 125,000 tests were given, it's been determined an effective way to combat drunk driving.

Crayne said, "It's one of the newer technologies, it was tested earlier in the program and now it's being implemented in 24/7 throughout the state of South Dakota."

The device has also proven to be more successful than the other devices, with a 99.5 percent pass rate. And also less expensive than some of the others. It costs $4.25 a day, compared to the the bracelet, which costs around $6.50.

Just another way to keep offenders in compliance, but also out of jail.
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