Majorly Warm December Looks to Continue

After a November that finished as the 10th coldest all-time with an average temperature of 26.2°, many were expecting the worst for December. I mean, if November was that cold, December should be as well right? That has not been the case through the first five days of the month and long range models are hinting that this warmth could last all month.

Aside from a very cold December 1st (High of 16° in Sioux Falls, 18° in Aberdeen, 15° in Worthington) the start to the month has been warm. So far, the average December temperature in Sioux Falls has been 23.6°, which is pretty close to the average of 23.1°. However, there is much warmer weather expected over the next 8-14 days.

The forecast for the next seven days calls for temperatures above freezing. That means every day will be at least five degrees above normal with some places possibly seeing the 50s by the end of next week!

The NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for December 12 – 18 gives the viewing area an 80% chance to see temperatures above normal. Our normal high temperatures for that time period are in the upper 20s, so you can expect highs in the mid-30s with the possibility for the 40s!

Courtesy of NOAA Climate Prediction Center

For those who are Dreaming of a White Christmas the news may not be too good. This warmth will make it hard to see snow. Even if we see snow, it might be hard for it to stick around due to the warmth as well. Christmas is still three weeks away and things can change, but our best chance of a White Christmas is if there is a decent snow storm the week before. This is because the Climate Prediction Center is giving us a 40% chance for temperatures above average for the month of December.

NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s Monthly Outlook

Hope you enjoy this warm weather, but personally I am rooting for snow!

Brandon Spinner
Chief Meteorologist

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