The Daily Scoop: January 7, 2015

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‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ house set on fire
Arson is suspected in two small fires at the house made famous by the movie ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’

The two fires investigators believe were intentionally set singed a doormat and the side of the garage. The home is where much of the film was shot, and became a memorial site after the late comedian Robin Williams died.

The residence currently is the home of a plastic surgeon who works on transgender patients. Investigators believe the owner’s occupation may be the reason the home was targeted.

At this time no arrests have been made, but officials continue to investigate.

Tracks on fire
Normally flames on train tracks would be cause for alarm, but in Chicago Tuesday, they were set with a deliberate purpose.

It’s all because workers at the Metra Commuter Line had to keep switches from freezing. Some tracks have electric heaters but older facilities use these gas heaters with flames you can see.

While it may have looked like the trains were ‘burning rubber’ it’s really just a safety precaution in place.

Snow day causes ‘panda-monium’ at the National Zoo.
While many of us may not be a fan of the cooler temps and snow, the weather is causing complete “panda-monium” at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Video shows 16-month-old Bao Bao tumbling down a hill in her outdoor enclosure. The rough and rambunctious toddler then tackled her mom, spending this snow day like most other children so often do.

The National Zoo released the video Tuesday, and it has since gone viral.