SDSU Professor Reacts To Paris Terror Attacks

It’s been a terrifying week for those living in France.

Wednesday, a terror attack on a satirical newspaper in Paris left 12 dead and then two days later, four people were killed after dual hostage situations near the city.

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have alarmed people across the world, especially one woman living in South Dakota.

“I’m French so it’s very unsettling and it feels very close to home,” said Marie-Pierre Baggett, SDSU French Professor.

Marie-Pierre Baggett is an SDSU French Professor, and grew up just hours outside of Paris. She says the recent terrorist attacks in her home country come with unpleasant emotions.

“It definitely brings fear and a sense that the city and the nation are under threat,” said Baggett. “But it also brings a sense that we need to unite and not be divided as a nation but also as a world.”

Baggett says the horrific string of events doesn’t just affect Paris, but the whole French nation and the world as well.

“I think this makes us think about the divide between ethnicities, class, and religions,” said Baggett. “This is not just a Parisian event. This is something that’s global.”

While France is gripped by fear after the Paris terror attacks, Baggett says her home country will recover like they did after the 1995 bombing of public transportation in Paris.

“You could definitely see changes after the attack,” said Baggett.

Baggett hopes that in the coming weeks, Parisians and the French will move forward in the best way possible by coming together and listening to one another.

“The events that happened in Paris do affect the Parisians but they also affect France as a nation but also the world because they’re a reflection of what’s happening in the world,” said Baggett.

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