Governor Dennis Daugaard Sworn In At 2015 Inauguration

There was no shortage of pomp and circumstance on Saturday as thousands of people gathered inside the state capitol in Pierre for South Dakota’s 2015 Inauguration Day.

While other South Dakota lawmakers and leaders were sworn in, the main event was welcoming Governor Dennis Daugaard back to serve his second term as the 32nd governor of South Dakota.

Governor Daugaard began his speech with “It is truly an honor to stand before you today.”

A round of applause rang out through the South Dakota State Capitol rotunda as Governor Daugaard took the stage to address the people of South Dakota, officially beginning his second term in office.

“I sought this office four years ago because I believed I had something to offer,” said Governor Daugaard.

But Daugaard says when he sought the office for a second time last year, he was asking voters to consider him based on something else: “My record and the record of the legislators who have joined me,” said Daugaard.

During his second inaugural speech, Governor Daugaard said the principle of good stewardship has been and will continue to be his goal over the next four years.

“It has been good stewardship, each year thereafter, to protect our revenues and expenses with caution so that if we erred, we would err on the side of a surplus rather than a deficit,” said Governor Daugaard.

Through careful spending, perseverance and hard work, Governor Daugaard hopes to leave South Dakota in a better condition than he found it.

Governor Daugaard said, “It is not preordained that South Dakota will always be strong or prosperous or free. It is the obligation of every generation to secure these blessings for the generation to come.”

While Governor Daugaard says he and the First Lady are looking forward to continuing their roles for the next four years, he says something else has made them even happier.

Governor Daugaard said, “We have found another set of titles that we enjoy even more-grandpa and grandma.”

Governor Daugaard got a bit emotional during his speech when talking about his grandkids, and his hope is that when they grow up they’ll be proud of the work he did for South Dakota.

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