Importance Of Clearing Fire Hydrants Of Snow

Firefighters with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue have an important message for home and business-owners this winter season.

They’re reminding everybody of the importance of keeping snow cleared away from fire hydrants.

While firefighters say many of the fire hydrants throughout the Sioux Empire are clear of snow, there are still many in residential areas that are not.

Capt. Grant Van Risen says it’s an easy way for residents and businesses to help your local firefighters help you.

“It’s just easier as you’re scooping or snow blowing your driveway or sidewalks when you pass a fire hydrant just to clear around that while you’re doing it,” said Capt. Van Risen. “It doesn’t take much extra time at all.”

Capt. Van Risen says it’s important that at least three feet of snow be cleared from around each fire hydrant.

He says that way firefighters can have easy access to the hydrant and put out the structure fire as quickly as possible.

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