Abandoned Puppies In Sioux Falls Struggle To Survive

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Six puppies are struggling to survive after being thrown into a trash can in Sioux Falls on a cold January night.

The newborn puppies are alive and well after being stuffed in a garbage bag Saturday evening.

“A lady in Sioux Falls witnessed a man take a garbage bag that appeared to be moving and put it inside of her garbage can,” said Missy John, Sioux Falls Animal Control Officer.

Afraid of what could be inside the bag, a woman living in the 700 block of West 21st Street went outside, looked in the bag and found the puppies.

“Between them being tied up in a plastic garbage bag and the cold elements, they would not have survived very long,” said John. “Maybe an hour or two at the most.”

The puppies were brought to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society the next day. And now teams of people from the Humane Society and Animal Control are doing everything they can to keep the four males and two females alive.

“It is a lot of no sleep and rest,” said John. “You get to hear these noises all the time. But it’s imperative for their survival. You have feed them every two to three hours. You have to help them go to the bathroom. You have to maintain their body temperature and cleanliness too.”

And Officer Missy John says every day they survive without their mom is a miracle.

“Without the help of their mom, things become a lot more difficult,” said John. “They don’t have the antibodies in their milk, they don’t have natural where mothers are cleaning them and taking care of them constantly like a mother dog should.”

She says there are several weeks left of fostering to get puppies up to speed and healthy. But finding their mother would get them on their way to recovery faster.

“They’ll get turned over to the humane society and find hopefully six amazing homes for these guys and turn their story around from what it could have been with them left outside like that,” said John.

Sioux Falls police say a man in a Carhartt type coat and a red cap was seen leaving the area shortly before the puppies were found. Anyone with any information is asked to call police.

The puppies will not be available for adoption for eight weeks and the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is not taking “save” applications at this time.

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