Cool Here – But JMA Says 2014 Warmest Ever

Temperature and Precipitation Analysis

We’ve talked about what happened with our weather in the year 2014, but we haven’t touched much on where we rank with those numbers.  We saw all types of extremes with temperature and precipitation.  Temperature-wise we were cool, but there were no monthly rankings that broke inside the top ten.  It was a different story when it came to precipitation.  Before we look at that, let’s look at the temperatures first:

During 2014, the coldest month was November, with a mean temperature of 26.2°.  That turns out to be the 10th coldest November since records began at Joe Foss Field in Sioux Falls.  The flip switched the next month as December was very warm, around 5.2° above average.  Overall, the year was on the cooler side, where it came in 26th for coolest year on record.  Now, we move to precipitation.

June was a historical month in more ways than one.  Sioux Falls picked up almost 14” of rainfall, which made it the wettest June ever.  It was also the wettest month EVER in Sioux Falls.  Amazingly, the next month we only managed .80” of rain.  That’s insane how two months that are back-to-back could be so completely opposite.  The summer of 2014 will go down as the second wettest summer in the books.

While things were on the cool and wet side for us, the latest annual climate report for the entire globe out of the Japan Meteorological Agency, indeed has confirmed that it was the warmest year on record for oceans and land alike.

NOAA and NASA are expected to distribute their report sometime this month, but it is suggested that they too will confirm 2014 as the warmest year in nearly 120 years of record keeping.  It goes to show you that can’t speak on climate as a whole if you are using data from just one location.

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