SFPD To Remove 30 Deer From SE Sioux Falls

Survey finds 40-60 deer in southeast Sioux Falls

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks has issued a permit allowing the Sioux Falls Police Department to harvest up to 30 deer from southeast Sioux Falls.

The permit was issued after a comprehensive study was completed on the deer population in the area.

Last fall, an online survey and two public meetings were held to determine if Sioux Falls residents had concerns regarding the number of deer in the southeast part of the city.

The survey and meetings found the majority of people in the area noticed an increase in the deer population and 57 percent supported the lethal removal of the deer.

Police officers also scouted the area around the Big Sioux River attempting to count the deer population. During multiple surveys, they found a range of 40-60 deer in various parks in southeast Sioux Falls.

“By harvesting deer in the area, we hope to limit the amount of property damage caused by deer, reduce the number of car – deer accidents, and improve the health of the overall deer population in Sioux Falls,” said Police Chief Doug Barthel.

The deer will be harvested by Sioux Falls Police Officers who have completed additional training specific to deer removal. The meat from harvested deer will be donated to area food banks.

The deer will be discretely removed from remote areas so the public will not be in any danger during these events. The operation will be completed by February 15.

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