Red Cross Resources Stretched, Spirits High

Assisted with 5 house fires in past week

They’re heroes without the capes or badges, providing relief and aid to those affected by disaster. Within the last week there have been five house fires which have stretched available resources however, spirits are still high.

From disasters like tornadoes and fires to community aid like donating blood, they’re one of the first on the scene providing relief to those in need. They provide meals, help buy clothes and other goods, which helps families start to rebuild after their life has been turned upside down. Recently, there has been an increase in need due to an abnormal amount of structure fires, stretching their resources but not breaking their spirits.

“For us, right now, yeah, it puts a big stress on our volunteers but I’ll tell you, with a work force like they are, so dedicated to the mission, they don’t even hesitate to jump in and help out,” explained Tony Burke, Executive Director of the Red Cross in Sioux Falls.

Since the Red Cross is a non-profit agency, the money for their resources and help comes from you.

“We’re non-profit, we’re not government funded. We are congressionally chartered to do what we do for our nation but that’s not funded mandate. So it really is about us asking for those donations and being good stewards of the donor dollar to make sure those go back into the community,” he further explained.

Besides cash donations and volunteering, there is another way you can help.

“Help us prevent this incidences from happening from the get go. check their smoke alarms, practice their escape plan, figure out proper heating sources,” said Tony.

If disaster strikes, even if resources are stretched, you can take solace knowing the Red Cross will be there, extending a hand to help.

In addition to providing relief to those affected with new clothes, food and other necessities, the Red Cross also tends to the victims mental health. The Red Cross will often deploy mental health specialists to areas affected by disaster.

If you’d like to donate or volunteer, please click here.

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