Warm Weather Gives Winter ‘Crazy Days’ Big Boost

Shoppers Hit Downtown Sioux Falls

With the warmer temps hitting the area, hundreds of people are roaming downtown Sioux Falls this weekend for the city’s annual Winter Crazy Days.

People are finding discounts at several retail stores and restaurants along Phillips Avenue and throughout downtown.

On Saturday, some stores even had lines outside the door.
Shoppers in Sioux Falls are out in full force and people are looking for good deals on a variety of items like clothing, shoes, and even sweet treats.

“It’s just kind of nice to have another reason to come down after the holiday,” said Megan Baldridge.

The Sioux Falls resident has been coming to the Downtown Winter Crazy Days event for as long as she can remember.

Baldridge said, “I’ve lived here since I was nine and we always come down in the summer and the winter. Usually it’s not this nice, so it’s nice to be able to walk around and not freeze.”

Although she’s not shopping for anything specific this year, she’s still enjoying the tradition.

“You get really kind of overwhelmed with all the shopping, and now you’ve had a break and you get to check out some new stuff and kind of see what else is new,” said Baldridge.

New businesses like Half Baked are looking forward to Crazy Days bringing a flood of customers.  

“It gets people through the door. It gives us more exposure that we do need and we’re a new business. Not that many people know about us yet,” said Half Baked Owner Stuart Daniel.

To help draw in customers, Half Baked is serving up some delicious deals.

Daniel said, “We’re doing a half price off of select cupcakes and we have 50 cent minis today, and we are having a decorate your own cupcake bar.”

Places like Chelsea’s Boutique already had about a dozen people lined up outside its doors before their 10 o’clock opening, ready to shop the Crazy Days sales.

Sales Associate Becky Squyer says the large turnout was unexpected.

“Summer it’s pretty much expected, but I was really happy with it; a little surprised,” said Squyer.

With plenty of cold months still ahead, the hot-ticket items at the boutique during Crazy Days are winter clothing.

Squyer said, “Scarves, boot socks, leg warmers, and all of our boots are buy one get one free.”

While Macy Schultz says she usually checks out the Crazy Days events at the mall, she decided to see what the downtown sales had to offer.

“I think just a good sale helps people spend more money. I’m all for a good deal. Even if I don’t necessarily need something, if I get a good price for it it’s going to make me want to buy it even more, I guess,” said Schultz.

Stores like 605 Running Co. on Phillips Avenue say Crazy Days isn’t about coming out on top financially,
but about building a community within the downtown area.

While Saturday wraps up Crazy Days for some businesses, there will still be a few stores open on Sunday.

Unfortunately, if you missed the Downtown Winter Crazy Days sales you’ll have to wait until July for the next one.