Life With Laura: Aerial Fitness

A new workout takes the art of yoga to new heights

While most people jump on the fitness train as part of their New Year’s resolution, many don’t stay on until the end of the year.

However, a simple way to stay on track may be to change up your routine, with some not-so-routine workouts.

Suspended from the ceiling by nothing more than a piece of fabric; it may not seem like your average exercise, but that’s exactly why 605 Fitness owner and instructor, Stacey Niewenhuis, says Aerial Fitness is an unconventional workout, worth trying out.

“Most of the time I get the description that ‘it’s my fun workout where I don’t even know I’m working out,'” explains Niewenhuis.

By combining the balancing and stretching components of yoga with the strengthening components of aerial arts, the high flying acts you’ve seen in Cirque Du Soleil performances can be recreated, with a little practice.

“Think of those long ribbons of fabric like at the circus this is what that is, but we’ve tied it into knots so it can be secured to the ceiling and just formed in the shape of a hammock instead of one long piece,” said Niewenhuis.

What makes Aerial Fitness so fun, but challenging at the same is that you can go from a peaceful yoga pose to something a little more exhilarating in one move.

“It’s kind of one of those deceptive workouts. You think, ‘oh there’s not going to be much to this’ and then you’re like ‘wow I used a lot more upper body strength than I imagined’ or ‘my flexibility is completely being challenged,’” said Niewenhuis. “You don’t know until you’re in it and experiencing it what it’s going to be like.”

If you’re hesitant about trying Aerial Fitness, maybe this will ease your mind: those pieces of fabric can hold up to 1,000 pounds.

For information on classes visit the 605 Fitness website.