Freezing Rain Keeps Tow Trucks Busy

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Freezing rain fell across the Sioux Empire, making for a messy morning commute. While it may have been hectic for drivers, it’s the towing companies that have to clean up after them.

All-American Towing in Sioux Falls says they had all five of their trucks out. They were running for about two straight hours, responding to accidents in and around the city.

Brooke Steiner said, “I thought for a moment that I was going to flip the car and I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Steiner says when she left Parker Monday morning, her parents warned her to be careful. On her way to student teach in Sioux Falls, she found out just how slippery the roads were.

Steiner said, “I started to slow down a little bit and that’s kind of when my tires started to do that wibbily, wobbly thing.”

While she was headed east on I-90, her car ended up in the westbound ditch.

“I knew it was slippery but I didn’t think it was that slippery,” said Steiner.

But Patrick Heidzig says she wasn’t the only one who was sliding around.
“The freezing rain came down… they’re (motorists) still rushing to get to work on time and didn’t take that extra bit of time to get there safely.”

All-American Towing called him in to work just before the morning rush hour hit.

“Three cars hit the same patch of ice and ended up sliding into the guard rail over, off of I-29, 90 here.”

In a two-hour span, he alone responded to three crashes. Like Steiner’s, many of them happened on the interstate.

“You just gotta learn how to navigate ’em and treat ’em like an ice skating rink,” said Heidzig.

Luckily, Steiner wasn’t hurt and her car was okay. Next time though, you can bet she’ll take it slow.

“When I did call my dad, that’s the first thing out of his mouth was you should have slowed down,” said Steiner.

At one point, towing companies were being asked by the South Dakota Highway Patrol to stay off the roads until the ice melted.