Gas Prices Drop For Record 118 Consecutive Days

U.S. motorists paying the lowest prices since April of 2009.

AAA predicts the national average price for gasoline is likely to slide below $2.00 per gallon before the end of the month. U.S. motorists are already paying the lowest prices since April of 2009.

The national average price for regular gasoline today is $2.05 per gallon, 36 cents below the price a month ago and $1.23 less than one year ago. The average price at the pump across the nation has dropped for a record 118 consecutive days.

South Dakota’s average today stands at $1.96, according to

“We’ve seen some unexpected price increases in recent days across portions of the U.S.,” said Marilyn Buskohl, spokeswoman for AAA South Dakota, “including in Sioux Falls, where today’s price average is about four cents more than it was one week ago. At the same time, however, Rapid City motorists have seen their pump price fall roughly four cents. It’s interesting to note that while prices in some gasoline markets in the state have been rising, the national average as well as crude oil prices have been dropping.

Despite recent price hikes in some South Dakota markets, AAA expects the state’s gas price average to remain below $2.85 per gallon in 2015, barring any major fluctuations in the global price of crude. The national average price for retail gasoline will likely remain below $3.00 during the year, AAA predicts.