Many Travelers Choosing Wings Over Wheels

Airfare prices stay constant despite cheap fuel prices

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While gas prices continue to drop, the same can’t be said for airfare prices.
However, travel agents and travelers themselves say the low fuel prices aren’t enticing enough for them to hit the road for hours at a time.

Many people leaving from the Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Wednesday traveled to places that would take at least 10 hours to get to by car.

While some travelers just to avoid wasting time in their vehicle and potential dangers on the road, others need to cross an ocean to get to their destination.

“I think people will always choose to fly,” said Lorie Buus.

In her almost 15 years as a travel consultant, Buus has helped many people to plan business trips and getaways, and she understands why so many people choose to travel by air versus the road.

Buus said, “It can be sometimes dangerous to drive anywhere and you certainly can’t get across the ocean in a car.”

But with low gas prices and higher airfare, it’s surprising that Buus and other consultants at All About Travel are as busy as they are.

“From the time we walk into the office we are on the phone or quoting prices continuously,” said Buus.

On Wednesday alone, Buus quoted close to 30 different airline tickets.

Buus said, “Even when prices were high last year, gas prices were a lot higher and airline prices were a lot higher, they were still flying.”

LaVonne Bird and her husband are frequent flyers.

The Colorado natives aren’t fans of driving for 10 plus hours to see family in Sioux Falls.

Bird said, “The weather conditions are always really iffy in the winter as well, so the flying seemed like the best route for us to go.”

Bird and her husband usually purchase their tickets through Frontier Airlines and say they are happy with the price.

“We’ll keep doing what we’re doing just because we want to see family and we enjoy getting away from home for a little bit,” said Bird.

Brett Wilday, another Colorado resident, travels about two or three times a month for his job and flying makes things a bit easier.

“It’s an hour and five minute flight from Sioux Falls to Denver, versus an eight, nine hour drive, so it’s worth the extra couple bucks to me.”

Though people may be able to get a bang for their buck at the pump, many others are still choosing wings over wheels.

While Buus says people are getting great prices right now to travel to some of their favorite destinations, she is hopeful that soon, the lower fuel prices will get people better domestic-priced tickets.

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