Thune Bill to Keep EPA Out Of Fishing

Bill would limit EPA authority on lead tackle

More Americans fish than play golf and tennis combined. That’s why efforts by some environmental groups to ban lead fishing tackle are attracting a lot of attention. The groups are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to get more involved, but so far the EPA has denied requests for an all-out ban. And Senator John Thune would like to keep it that way.

He’s introducing legislation that would make sure the EPA has no jurisdiction when it comes to fishing.

“We have lots of state authorities that regulate that, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has regulations and we don’t need the EPA going into that area,” said Thune

Thune says his bill would also stop the EPA from trying to regulate lead shot used in hunting. The state of South Dakota has already banned lead shot for hunting on public lands. That regulation was approved in 1998 after geese along the Missouri river were found dead from lead poisoning in the 1980’s.

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