Life With Laura: Curling Lessons

Laura Monteverdi hits the ice for a lesson in the sport

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Every four years the sport of curling captures the attention of sports fans, but you don’t have to wait until the Winter Olympics to get hooked.

The Sioux Falls Curling Club is helping grow the sport in the area, by teaching others all about it.

In this week’s Life with Laura, Laura Monteverdi hits the ice for a lesson.

To some it’s a foreign concept, sliding stones on ice and “sweeping” your way to victory, however to others, curling is a way of life.

“A lot of people don’t necessarily know what curling is or they know they’ve heard of it or seen it on the Olympics, but they have no idea how the game actually works. So this is an opportunity for people to come in and get a good base on what it is,” said Sioux Falls Curling Club President, Morgan Andenas.

Through Learn to Curl sessions, the Sioux Falls Curling Club is teaching beginners like myself the basics of the sport, how it’s played and how easy it to catch on.

“We start on ice, we bring people out and we go through the basics step-by-step of learning how to curl,” said Andenas.

A curling team is made up of four members playing three roles. The team includes a Stone Thrower, two Sweepers who keep the stone moving and the Skip who calls out directions to the other players.

The first step is learning to how to throw the 40 pound stone, while keeping your balance at the same time.

From sliding to “sweeping,” I quickly learn just how physically demanding the sport can be.

“You’re pushing hard, you’re breathing hard, you’re trying to walk down the ice and listen to everything going on,” said Andenas.

However, no matter your role, the goal is to work as a team to get to the finish line.

“People enjoy that it’s a really social sport,” said Andenas. “We’re always congratulating each other saying ‘hey that was a great shot,’ but it’s also really competitive and you’ll see people really getting into it, which is a lot of fun.

The hope is a little fun on the ice will soon grow into something much more.

“There’s actually a national competition for arena curlers so if people get really good here and they want to keep going in the curling circuit they can definitely do that,” said Andenas.

The Sioux Falls Curling Club will hold the next Learn to Curl session on January 31st at 5 p.m. at the SCHEELS IcePlex.

The session is open to all ages and costs $10 adults and $5 kids under 12.

All announcements and upcoming league information will be posted on the club’s website.

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