Meth Bust Near School Leaves Neighbors & Parents Concerned

Warrant served near Garfield Elementary

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One man is behind bars, and neighbors and parents are concerned after a meth bust at a Sioux Falls home Thursday morning.

The Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force waited until Thursday to execute a search warrant at a home on South Lincoln Avenue.

The house is just a half a block north of Garfield Elementary School.

The task force decided to serve the warrant on Thursday because the wind was coming from the south, ensuring the school wouldn’t be in the contamination zone of the lab.

After hearing about the meth bust, Anthony Spriggs says the incident is terrible.

“I mean, we live right next to a school. It’s horrible,” said Spriggs.

In his five years living on South Lincoln Avenue, Spriggs says the 612 residence is the only house that ever seems to cause trouble.

But with Thursday’s meth bust and previous crimes in the neighborhood, Spriggs is glad to be moving away.

“With everything that’s been happening, the murder that we had over here and then the other one not too far from here, now this, it’s like I’m moving out of here in the next couple months, so I’m actually kind of happy,” said Spriggs.

Around 10 o’clock on Thursday morning, the Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force served a warrant to seize a meth lab at 612 South Lincoln Avenue, just a few doors down from Spriggs, and only a half a block away from Garfield Elementary.

“It’s so disturbing that it is this close to a school and a school that I drive by, and  probably the house every day. And I just wouldn’t know.”

Bryan Simon’s 10-year-old daughter is a student at Garfield Elementary, and little did he know that detectives seized a one pot methamphetamine laboratory, meth, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Taurean Martens said, “I have three kids that go to school here, so it definitely hits close to home when you find out something like this is happening so close.”

But the bust isn’t the only thing parents like Taurean Martens are worried about.

“There’s a lot of crime that goes in hand-in-hand with the meth that it’s really scary that there could be shootings or whatever by the school,” said Martens.

While parents say this incident is a scary one, they are happy with the security of Garfield Elementary and while parts of the neighborhood may not be safe, the school certainly is.

“It doesn’t seem like something that flows over onto school property or makes me worry to pull up and wait for her when she’s done with school,” said Simon.

38-year-old Jon Eric Leonard has been arrested for manufacturing and possessing meth and violating a drug free zone, among several other things.

Parents at Garfield Elementary hope that Sioux Falls law enforcement can identify if meth labs are becoming a more widespread problem and if other schools may be at risk.