Drug Monitoring Program Leads To Meth Arrest

Police say Jon Eric Leonard had purchased large amounts of pseudoephedrine

A drug monitoring program implemented in South Dakota this past July tipped Sioux Falls Police off before Thursday’s meth bust.

Police say 38-year-old Jon Eric Leonard had purchased large amounts of pseudoephedrine over a period of time. The drug is an ingredient used in manufacturing meth.

In July 2014, legislation required South Dakota pharmacies and retailers that sell medication containing pseudoephedrine to report sales via an electronic monitoring system.

Leonard’s name was flagged in the system, allowing the drug task force to serve a search warrant at the home on Lincoln Avenue, near Garfield Elementary.

Inside, they found about 2 grams of meth and signs of an inactive meth lab.

“Now it’s automated, so it’s much easier to search. And I think they’ve got things built in to where there’s a certain amount of psuedoephedrine that’s been purchased in a short amount of time – whatever that time frame is – that law enforcement in that area is automatically notified,” said Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens.

Leonard was arrested on multiple charges, including manufacturing and possessing meth and violating a drug free zone.

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