East Coast Blizzard Affecting SD Travel

Causing Flight Delays & Cancellations

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South Dakotans are no strangers to blizzards in January, but for once, people in the Midwest are catching a break.

For days, meteorologists have been warning people on the East Coast about the powerful nor-easter expected to strike, with the potential to dump several feet of snow in some parts. The storm is also affecting people making their way back to the Midwest.

Flight attendant Glenda Huggins is used to long days, but this one has been particularly exhausting.

“Our plane was supposed to be scheduled on time,” said Huggins.

Huggins arrived at Laguardia Airport in New Jersey just before the predicted massive blizzard hit.

“It was coming down really, really hard. And it was so cold,” said Huggins.

Luckily, Huggins’ flight was the last one out of Laguardia headed to Chicago.

“They filled every seat we had. They tried to get out as many people as they could. A lot of the international destinations, they told them if they didn’t get to Chicago they wouldn’t be able to do their trips,” said Huggins.

But for other flyers, the so-called ‘storm of the century’ is laughable.

“I mean here in South Dakota we’d be like ‘big deal’,” said Debra Sieve, laughing.

Sieve says she and her family changed their travel plans when they heard the forecast.

“We decided to get up closer to the airport yesterday just so we didn’t have to drive in this potential horrible storm,” said Sieve.

But that storm never hit the Washington D.C. area where they were staying.

“The weather was not bad there at all. We had a delay only because of mechanical problems with the plane. Not due to weather at all,” said Sieve.

Although she never encountered more than a few snowflakes, Sieve isn’t bitter about cutting her trip short.

“I understand they’re trying to keep everybody safe,” said Sieve.

For some, there’s even a silver lining to this storm hundreds of miles away.

“I was supposed to fly for three more days and they already cancelled my trips for the next three days,” said Huggins.

Giving flight attendants like Huggins a much needed break.