Volunteers Scan SF For Annual Homeless Count

Each year, volunteers across the state work for an entire day trying to reach out to the homeless population.

Forty volunteers came out for the Minnehaha County homeless count Tues. The volunteers look for people in shelters, on the streets, and even in their cars.

The goal is not only to count these people, but also to hear their stories and find out what they need to change their situations.

The volunteers ask each person to fill out a survey about themselves in exchange for bus passes.

Stacey Tieszen with the Homeless Advisory Board hopes it encourages homeless people to reach out to the various resources in the area.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the time what’s conveyed to the public is an intoxicated individual who’s just looking for a handout. But the stories we’re hearing this morning are really hardship stories and people struggling to make ends meet, and doing everything that they can but it’s still not working,” said Tieszen.

618 homeless people were counted in Minnehaha County in 2014, 218 were children.

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