The Daily Scoop: 1-29-2015

Thursday's top trending stories

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“The Daily Scoop” is the morning segment on KDLT News Today that highlights the top trending stories on social media.

“Zombie Cat” goes viral

It sounds like a scene out of a zombie movie.

A cat is hit by a car, buried and then comes back to life.  It’s not a movie though, it’s the real story of “Bart” from Tampa, Florida.

After he was recently hit by a car, his owner buried him in his back yard. Five days later, something mysterious and magical happened. The cat came back to life and dug himself out of the dirt!

Bart suffered a broken jaw, cracked palate and deep wounds but he is expected to make a full recovery.

His owner calls his return nothing short of a miracle.

Apple could pay you $556.00! $ay What?!

How would you like to be $500 richer? How about $556 richer to be exact?

Apple has so much dough, it could afford to pay every man, woman and child in the United that amount.

How is it possible? In this smartphone world, Apple generates its money by the ability to get you, the consumer, to buy high-priced phones. That in turn has helped Apple generate a record pile of cash and investments of nearly $178 billion dollars.

That’s enough to place $556 in the hand of each and every American.

Man shovels Boston Marathon finish line

The mystery man who shoveled snow off of one of Boston’s most sacred spots has been revealed.

A photo of a man shoveling snow of the Boston Marathon finish line after this week’s blizzard went viral, with the whole country wanting to know, who is this mystery man?

Now we have the answer. Turns out it was 25-year-old bartender, Chris Laudani. Laudani says the finish line is his favorite spot in the city and he wanted to be able to see it when he walks by.

Several people took photos of Laudani shoveling and posted them on social media. Laudani, who has run in the marathon five times, said it was an act of pure love.

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