Proposal Passes For Safety Plan In South Dakota Schools

A new proposal passed on Thursday by the Senate Education Committee would force South Dakota schools to have a safety plan.

Republican Senator Larry Tidemann is sponsoring the bill, which requires all schools to have a plan for any violent incidents that could happen such as a shooting.

The proposal also requires schools to conduct annual lockdown drills.

The 35 schools in the Sioux Falls School District already have a safety plan.

The district’s risk manager says they support the proposal and any changes made to current safety procedures.

Robert Bray, risk manager for the Sioux Falls School District said, “Having good, solid emergency action plans in place, training them, resourcing them and coordinating them with responders is really the key to preparedness and preventing loss of life.”

Bray says the legislature has been attempting a proposal like this for several years and he is happy that it’s finally being put into action.