Sioux Falls Students Get Taste Of Farm Life

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Sioux Falls students are getting a taste of what it’s like to work on a farm.

Fourth graders at Harvey Dunn Elementary met Garretson farmer Peter Bakken Tuesday morning.

Bakken has been adopted by the students and has been sharing video messages with the class every month. He has shown the students where cows live, and how they’re cared for every day.

During his visit to Harvey Dunn Tuesday, he showed students samples of the feed he gives his cows. Bakken says this is a unique learning experience for the kids.

“I think it’s important for these kids to know that their food comes from a little more than the grocery store,” said Bakken. “I think we’ve become a society of that. And I think the reason we’ve become that is our society is safe, it’s always there and it’s affordable.”

Bakken says his he’s had a great experience with the Adopt-A-Farmer Program and he says his favorite part is when students ask good questions about farming.

Bakken says he’s counting down the days until his next visit with the fourth grade students.

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